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Mobile Websites Perth

Why do you need a Mobile version of your Website?

A recent report published by Morgan Stanley charted the most important internet trends and found that consumers are shifting away from desktop internet use to mobile web. By 2015, the report said, mobile devices like the Amazon Kindle, Apple Ipad, smartphones, GPS systems, video game consoles and wireless appliances will overtake the desktop as the way users access information online.

Already 50% of local searches are already conducted on a mobile device.

When potential customers are viewing a standard website that is not optimized for a mobile phone they run into many usability issues due the smaller screen.

  • Text being too small
  • Drop down menus
  • Large images
  • Slow loading pages
  • and more……


These issues all lead to difficulty in finding your products and services as well as your contact details.

Your website may also be completely unusable.

Our mobile websites in Perth run side by side of your full website. They are optimized so users can easily find information about your business, have a one touch call feature, interactive Google maps and many more features that enable users to quickly and freely access the information they want. A simple search on a mobile phone will redirect from your website to the mobile version automatically and seamlessly.

The past years people scrambled to get a desktop website for their business. Now with the rapid increase in technology it is time for businesses to have a mobile website.

Are you ready or is your business going to be left behind?

Our mobile websites are fast, efficient and most of all very affordable. Offering you a dedicated service including hosting, ongoing maintenance and updates, enquire today about a custom mobile website for your business.

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