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Website Design

All businesses need a website and a strong internet presence. Your website is your online presence and representation of your business and the services you offer.

Your website should be unique, customized to your business and services, easy to navigate and most of all, draw clients to your business.

At Top Rank Designs, that is exactly what we do!

Read more about how we can work with you to develop a strong online presence.


Search Engine Optimisation

At Top Rank Designs we build websites aimed to get Top Rankings on the major Search Engines.

Pages are optimised so that your clients can easily find the products and services you offer. We offer a world class backlinking program which will get your website and individual pages ranking.

Read more about how we can work with you achieve those High Google Rankings you deserve.


Mobile Websites

Studies show that by 2013 there will be more internet searches on smart phones than on desktop computers.

Is your website smart phone compatible?

At Top Rank Designs we are specialists in building you a mobile website that runs alongside your current main website.

We will take care of everything for you including script that automatically detects if your website visitor is coming from a smart phone and then automatically redirect them.

Read more about how we can build you a mobile friendly mobile website


Google Places

There have been significant changes in the way Places are displayed in recent times.

A high listing in google Places will directly affect the calls to your business.

We have developed strategies to achieve high Places rankings.

Read more on how you too can have a high Places listing.


Content Writing

Top Rank Designs senior management comes from a strong background in education and teaching. We are specialists in writing website content.

Website content needs to be optimised for the Search Engines.

Why waste you time writing your website content when you have a business to run – leave this to us – the experts.

Contact Top Rank Design for all your article writing needs.


Website Hosting

All websites need to be hosted.

Top Rank Designs offers a comprehensive and competitive hosting package that will ensure all your current and future needs are met.

For an affordable monthly fee we will have your website on a hosting package that will allow for unlimited traffic, unlimited email addresses a cPanel and support.

Contact Top Rank Designs for all of your Hosting requirements.


Email Marketing and Newsletters

A sound business practice is to stay in contact with your clients and customers.

You should be sending regular emails to giving updates on the goods and services you offer, latest news, special offers and so forth develop a loyal following.

Many of your clients can look forward to your regular newsletter if written and delivered properly.

With the anti spam laws, businesses like yours need to ensure that email newsletters are compliant.

At Top Rank Designs we can set up and show you how to manage your own newsletter campaigns.

We will provide you with a customized email template to match the look of your website – developing your unique brand.

Contact Top Rank Designs for all of your email marketing and newsletter requirements.


List Building

Many web businesses have the need to build and maintain a list of both clients and potential clients. Don't fall into the trap of purchasing lists from the internet. This is not a sound business practice especially with the anti spam laws that are prevalent today. Top Rank Designs can assist you to build your own online list.

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