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Why is Search Engine Optimization important for your business?

Your site ranking highly in the search engines allows more customers to find you!
High rankings will reduce the cost of your advertising costs both online and offline!
Your high rankings website will get more targeted customers to your website and therefore your business. People will come to your website because they are looking for exactly what you can offer!

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation, otherwise referred to as SEO – is the process in which your site is optimised and then ranks on the major Search Engines.

At Top Rank Designs we understand how to rank websites highly and are experts in the field of SEO. Many of our clients enjoy the benefit of targeted traffic from the high ranking we achieve for them.

Along with this targeted traffic comes more enquiries to their business, more sales and more clients.

Some interesting facts about optimising your website for high rankings

  • Did you know that over 94% of people using a search engine DO NOT go past the 1st page of the shown results. If your site is below the top page, you may as well not have a website.

  • A position on the first page of Google will provide more unique visitors to your website. These visitors find your site because they have typed into the Search Engines the exact keywords you are optimised for.

  • Organic search engine results are a lot more than effective than Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising in delivering vast numbers of visitors to your website. Whilst PPC is an effective means of getting immediate traffic, it is both costly and unless closely monitored, can over extend your marketing budget.

  • Correctly done, Search Engine Optimisation offers the most effective and cheapest method of promoting your website

  • Search Engine Optimisation will deliver visitors who are seeking your product or service – exactly the clients you need and deserve.

World Leaders in correct
White Hat SEO.

Top Rank Designs are world leaders in SEO strategies and only engage in accepted " White Hat " strategies.

While every SEO company differs in its approach to SEO there are some that are better than others - we unashamedly are amongst the best in the industry.
We work white hat strategies to make your website rank better than your competition.

What is white hat? Well these are above board, legitimate strategies used. White hat is a set of SEO techniques, which abides by Google guidelines and policies and is considered clean and accepted by Google.

We will never use underhand, back door questionable strategies on any website. Some other SEO companies employ techniques and strategies that are spammy and contravene Google guidelines. For example, stuffing keywords, link farming, spam techniques to name a few.

These SEO techniques would be considered "black hat SEO" and may in fact, end up with your website being banned from Google altogether.

Your website is the basis of your business and we respect the confidence you have empowered to us and we will never ever abuse that trust.

The fact you found us, most likely in the search engines, serves as example of how good we are.

These are reasons why it is important to be careful and cautious when choosing the SEO company you want to work with.

The reality is it is not the difference between a result and no-result, it is the difference between achieving a good SEO result and possibly being banned. So, choose wisely and remember the cheapest option is often not the best!

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